There is a river in Greece …

14 11 2007

There is a river in Greece …

According to the Friends of the Earth, there is a river in Greece providing toxic drinking water to tens of thousands of people, who are getting sick and dying at alarming rates.

Indeed, the Asopos River is so polluted with highly toxic hexavalent chromium, or Chromium 6 – over 400,000 times the amount that should be in groundwater – that the river is running red! This is the result of more than 85 industries operating and polluting along the river with virtually no oversight.

Astoundingly, the government now designates the Asopos not as a river, but a «sludge tube!» You can imagine how those dying from the pollution feel about drinking from a sludge tube. It is an outrage, and yet, inaction is the kindest way to describe the Greek government’s response to this situation. People from the town of Oinofyta are still drinking water from this river despite the many months that have passed since tests revealed the Chromium 6 risks. In fact, over 32 percent of deaths in this village are now from cancer, where that rate used to be around six percent.

People are dying from a preventable and fixable situation in a modern nation.

Please join me today in taking a stand against Chromium 6 in Greece. Please, visit the following website address to take action: http://www.FOE. org/Asopos

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